By: S. Rose

Have you ever wondered what asthma really is? Asthma is a condition where the bronchial tubes of the lungs get irritated from allergens causing swelling and tightening  of the muscles. During an asthma attack the tubes tighten making the airway constrict causing wheezing, coughing, tightness in the chest, and shortness of breath. Treating asthma can be as simple as: using an inhaler during an attack, as well as a daily preventive measure to using oral steroids and/or a peak flow meter. With some asthmatic patients just an inhaler isn’t enough. Asthma is a serious condition, but can usually be controlled with proper care from a physician and medication. After reading my blog hopefully you will understand more about asthma.

Graphs about asthma and supporting organizations

This topic is important to me because I have asthma and I think it is important for other to  learn about how important it is and that it is serious and not a joke. Many people die each year from asthma and miss many days of school and work. Without treatment asthma can be chronic.


Links to find more information: American Lung AssociationCleveland Clinic Asthma Center